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Lazy Oaf X Ellie Andrews
Lazy Oaf X Ellie Andrews

We’ve teamed up with London based graphic artist Ellie Andrews across a six-piece capsule collection to Give You More.


Tapping in to Ellie’s expertise across typefaces and comic like characters, as well as her influences from varying London-centric musical subcultures (particularly D&B and UKG) the range synthesizes Ellie’s iconic DIY style and eye for colour with our own nostalgic approach to 90’s style.


Meet the characters and find out more about this dream-team collaboration in our interview with Ellie below…


Lazy Oaf X Ellie Andrews

Looking through your illustration archive it seems you have a soft spot for animals just like us. What is it about drawing these characters that resonates with you?

Mainly because the characteristics & personality traits of animals are fun to draw. I love their goofy expressions. There’s generally less judgement in the animal kingdom and the vibe seems more chill.

There’s definitely been a lot of puppies and dogs running about in the work I’ve made in last few years. Sometimes they’re inspired by people, they just take form of dogs etc when I make my work. I think that’s cool though, like there is this relationship between people and dogs, most people feel very connected to them. 

Tv shows and comics that have influenced my work…such as Garfield, Snoopy, Junkwaffel, Hot Stuff & Betty Boop have animals (mostly) as a lead role. I feel like this is also an important part of why my work features animal characters too.

Lazy Oaf X Ellie Andrews

Do you give them names, or does that make it harder to release them into the wild? Talk us through who or what features within this collaboration…

Sometimes they linger, and I can get quite attached, so sure some do have names.

I guess with this collection there’s a crew of lil animals 


~ The tracksuit is inspired by another real life doggo, called Romeo ( belongs to my best pals ) he’s a big gorgeous Staffy. I love hanging out with him, he’s a big softy but looks tough.

~ The T graphic for 'IN UR DREAMS' was inspired my boyfriend’s dog Marvin. He’s super chill and loves climbing into weird spaces and taking nap. I was thinking about this landscape of his dream world, as he spends so much time out of his day doing this. I’ve always thought this would be a fun thing to draw.

~ Kittens play fighting, 
Lazy Oaf X Ellie Andrews
Colour is a clear theme within this collection with Red and Blue taking centre stage, was this something consciously worked towards?  

I think I have a bit of an OCD about color in general, working as an artist has probably encouraged a more meticulous approach to painting & design. So yes, when I thought about presenting the collection of work, I knew I wanted the same color scheme to flow within the different pieces that we worked on.



Lazy Oaf X Ellie Andrews

Font’s and type are also a large factor in your work and this collaboration, how long do you spend developing these?


I'll try to create an individual typeface tailored to the project, sometimes I’ll design like 10 and only a couple see the light of day. I’ll spend a day or 2 drawing out different typefaces, by hand on graph paper. 

Lazy Oaf X Ellie Andrews

What are some of your earliest memories of drawing?


 I was obsessed with my football team Arsenal FC as a kid. I used to draw and paint portraits of my favorite players (Bergkamp, Viera, Seaman). I remember these because my mum was so stoked on these, she put them up on the walls in our kitchen, and didn’t take them down for years.